About the clan

TOT1 Clan is a gaming community that was founded in Norway in 2000. Most of our members are from Norway but we are accepting members from all over Europe.

In the beginning we played online Quake and Unreal Tournament but shifted to Battlefield 2.The clan has played the following Battlefield titles: Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 3*, Battlefield Bad Company 2*, Battlefield 4*, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 5 and Battlefield 2042

The clan had our own official servers for all titles marked with *

Since most of our members aren't very happy abour playing Battlefield 2042 we are now playong a wide range of games: Battlefield series, PUBG, Hell Let Loose (HLL), COD, Apex, Minecraft, Squad, Rust and many more.

We are trying to gather as many of our members one or two times a year for a LAN party. We have had these LAN parties at Jaren Grendehus last 3 years and the clan has also sponsored the location with money to install fiber Internet. These LAN parties is of course free of charge for all members and also includes a social Pizza party on Saturday evening. TOT1 Clan is registered in Brønnøysund and we are a Grasrotmottager. You can support us by choosing us: Grasrotmottager

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All fields needs to be filled out and we have a strict minimum age of 18 years for new members.